Debut single! “Man in the Morning”

Streets of Tulum Mexico

STORY While they were each recovering from the pain and loss of a serious relationship, Deewaan and Luisa were introduced at an event by celebrity photographers Amit & Naroop.  The instant chemistry inspired the two of them to get in the studio and write about what they really wanted from their next relationship.  Shortly after […]

DJing for Liam Payne – LP Halloween Show

Liam Payne Show Halloween

Halloween 2020 is one I’ll never forget.  I was on my way to the London Dungeons to DJ for Liam Payne, at the LP Show after party and got possessed by zombies! 😉  So Liam’s team put me in a cage, so that I couldn’t escape and to make sure that I didn’t try to […]

My Journey Through Lockdown

Global Entrepreneurship Week

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, I was asked by the Royal Kensington & Chelsea council to share my story of lockdown, and the steps I took that led to being featured on Liam Payne’s show.  I have to be honest – when the first lockdown was announced in March, it threw me into so much […]

Liam Payne – LP Show Act 2

LP Show DJ

DJing for Liam Payne has been so much fun. The LP Show Act 2 was extra special, as we spun some remixes. The after party was also super dope, as I got to celebrate Liam’s birthday with him. We all had an absolute blast! It was great to meet Mae Muller too. She’s super talented […]

BIGGER! Live Performance

Bigger - Deewaan

Lyrics Verse 1 Dont wanna be a backseat driver Billionaire That guy with a brash demeanour But I wanna roll better with backseat leathers And a place I can put my feet up I wanna turn singles in to 5s and 10s And thousands in to millions And though you may say, YO this dude […]

Tracy Chapman Cover: Music for NHS

Fastcar Deewaan

I landed back in the UK, from Mexico (see blog post), a day before the national lockdown was announced last month. All my work has been cancelled; however, I’ve finally found some peace and optimism with everything that’s happening in the world right now. One thing I keep reminding myself is the gratitude I have […]

Man In The Morning Shoot, Mexico

MITM Video Shoot

As I write this, the world is two months deep into lockdown. And despite this photo being taken just a few months ago in Tulum, Mexico, it feels like a distant memory now. This was taken during the video shoot for a song called ‘Man in the Morning’, with an amazing artist called Luisa Santiago. […]