Mixing is the balancing and blending of the various elements, instruments or ‘stems’ to achieve a desired tonal shape that is best suited for the song and accompanying production.  The process is about ensuring everything has its space in the mix, whilst giving the spotlight to what is center stage.  In popular music this is most often the lead vocal and musical motifs.  In other genres, at certain times of a song it could be the 808s or hi hats.

A great mix is one that uses fully utilises the space in the sonic spectrum that preserves the true essence of the song, whilst enhancing it to create a captivating experience for the listener.  It is pleasing to the ear at various volumes whilst simultaneously having moments that create dynamics to keep the listener engaged.

The first stage is subtly carving out frequencies to ensure separation between elements and creating space for what we want to bring to the listener’s attention.  

This is achieved by a multitude of specific tools andd operations first working with EQ, compression, panning and saturation.  

Enhancing a mix involves using filters, effects, delays and reverb to create dynamics, atmosphere and energy where necessary.

I mix in Protools with an extensive third party plugin collection including Waves, Plugin Alliance, iZotope & UAD. I also use outboard gear such as EL8 Distressors, a summing mixer and SSL Bus Compressor.

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