Vocal Recording

Vocal Producer and Engineer with over 10 years of experience recording high profile artists and singers.  

My primary focus is to help you record the most compelling, emotive and truthful studio performance of your song. The service includes engineering and recording, and technical guidance for lead vocal delivery and backing vocal arrangement. I compile the recordings in to the ideal take and use tools such as ‘Melodyne’, ‘Vocalign’ and ‘iZotope RX’ for post production.

You have the options to visit my studio in Notting-hill, London or work in any studio that runs Avid Protools, Logic or Ableton.  I can also seamlessly conduct a session online and remotely engineer the session on your system. 

I can manage all stages of the vocal recording process to ensure a great sound, performance and final result.  I also provide same day high quality reference mixes.

I have recorded and produced vocals for Liam Payne, Aloe Blacc, Carl Falk, Capitol Records and Universal Music.

The vocal chain I use at my studio is 

  • Manley Reference Microphone
  • Chandler TG2-500 preamp (hardware)
  • EL8 Distressor (hardware)
Please get in touch.  I’d love to hear about your project and explore ways that I can help to achieve your vision.