DJing for Liam Payne – LP Halloween Show

Halloween 2020 is one I’ll never forget.  I was on my way to the London Dungeons to DJ for Liam Payne, at the LP Show after party and got possessed by zombies! 😉  So Liam’s team put me in a cage, so that I couldn’t escape and to make sure that I didn’t try to possess Liam and Abby! ?  Coincidently, the cage had a pretty neat DJ setup in it! Haha

I wasn’t able able to get any footage on the day, though here is my rehearsal a few hours before the event which I filmed!  Whenever I practice for a big event, I always film it so I can watch it back and see where I can improve.  Geeky I know!

Enjoy the video, I’ve also uploaded on mixcloud so you can listen on the go!

Drop a comment below! Did you attend any of the LP Shows?  What was your most fond memory?


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