Man In The Morning Shoot, Mexico

As I write this, the world is two months deep into lockdown. And despite this photo being taken just a few months ago in Tulum, Mexico, it feels like a distant memory now.

This was taken during the video shoot for a song called ‘Man in the Morning’, with an amazing artist called Luisa Santiago. She’s originally from Columbia and now lives here in London. The writing process for this song was so fun as we’re both singing in English and Spanish…haha, YUP – I’m singing in Spanish! I cannot wait to release this one, amigos!!!

To prepare for the shoot, I stuck to an awesome routine of wellbeing, eating clean, and exercising. It’s common for me to go hard before going away. I kinda use it as motivation. Prior to the shoot, I had a show in Leon which was pretty full on. The good diet and exercise was instrumental in keeping my energy up, as things were back to back.

Shooting the video for ‘Man in the Morning’ was quite an adventure. Most of the crew weren’t able to fly over to Mexico, due to the world beginning to go into lockdown. We had a lot to do in a short space of time, with only 25% of the people and resources that we had originally anticipated. Despite this stumbling block, we managed to shoot a pretty epic video in some stunning locations.

And what would a trip to Mexico be without a siesta in the sun?! Here’s a photo of me chilling and sipping on some coconut water, which was so damn refreshing in that intense Mexican heat!

We were on the go most of the time, so moments like this were amazing. We made a point of drinking lots of coconut water, for the electrolytes. We even had dissolvable effervescent electrolytes, vitamins, and bottles of water in the car. I can’t wait to be back there. Ufff.

We ended up shooting some of the video here as the beach was just so stunning and completely empty. Tulum is a magical place for sure.

¡Hasta pronto, Mexico!





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