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Sound Design & Programming for TV


Sound Design by Deewaan

I offer bespoke programming, compositions and sound design for your concepts and visuals ranging from dynamic and energetic beats with captivating sound fx to  heart felt emotive pieces of music to create a stunning experience for the viewer.  When approaching sound design projects I often think of sound and visual synonymously, really using the whole sonic spectrum creating a 4D type sound with substantial depth, in order to connect with the ‘story’ of the visual and allow the viewer to effortlessly connect with the experience and appreciate its message.

I use a number of platforms, technologies, on-board and out-board instruments depending on the task at hand.  The main sequencing platform is Logic Pro connected via Midi Time Code with a Roland MV8800 drum machine for the more groovy projects.  For the more intricate sound FX, I programme and sculpt sounds using platforms such Native Instrument’s ‘Massive’ which is great if you want something like a white noise hiss filtered down, morphing in to a bold bass line for example.

So whether you’re a music supervisor, director, agency or a fellow sound designer and you’d like to chat about what I do on this front, let’s connect.

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Mixing by Deewaan

Using a combination of my favourite outboard gear and ‘in the box’ plugins I mix songs and pieces of music.

Some of the outboard gear that I use
– EL8 Distressors
– Fat Bustard
– SSL Bus Compressor
-Lexicon Reverb

 I always let the song or piece of music determine how I approach a mix.  I mix most of my own records so check out the Discography to hear some mixes.