What’s up Jamaica!!!!!!  First and foremost, I am sincerely grateful for all the love received since I have been here and especially the positive reviews regarding my performance at Sumfest.  I have been making records for the reggae and dancehall community for a few years now and it is so great to take this connection to the next level.  I had a blast performing at Sumfest with Bounty Killer.  He is someone I have grown up listening to and respecting highly.  To be invited to perform on his set is a great honour.  Apparently there were over 35,000 people at Sumfest on dancehall night.  I will now let out a little secret: this was my first ever performance!! 😀 Though I must say, I was not at all nervous.  Being on stage felt very normal and I had the time of my life.  I cant wait to take the stage again and I promise to keep focusing on giving you all an entertaining experience whatever that may entail.  I hope you all liked the indian drum.  My next single incorporates this ‘dhol’ drum in a really unique and powerful way.  I believe the next single will penetrate the hardest of hearts.  The song is called ‘Take You Away’ – I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.

This morning I was interviewed on Smile Jamaica’s by Neville. It was great fun.  I even got him to do the Runnin It Wild dance!    Catch me on Fame 95fm tonight at 7:00pm.

One Love